Media interpreting

Media interpreting means up-to-speed.

Last month I interpreted at the Amazon Prime Video event.

It was a privilege to interpret for some of my favourite actors (and you bet I’m including this pic on my site!)

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News in other countries

We like to think that news in other countries doesn’t affect us, or that we’re so advanced we can outsmart anything – even the weather.

As an interpreter, I do research every day; as a result, I read about economic conditions in other countries and what’s affecting industries.

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Interpreting and accents

A while back, I posted about interpreting accents I’m not regularly exposed to.

The solution was a pre-session meeting to discuss the agenda & familiarise myself with his Scottish accent.

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Remote interpreting tech

I’ve been trying out more remote interpreting tech!

This time I used Interprefy. Interprefy is a cloud-based platform for remote simultaneous interpreting for conferences & similar events.

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I’ve posted before about my readiness to embrace the future.

I think it’s just good business practice to be open to all the developments and advances that are out there – often, we’re just being stubborn when we don’t welcome them.

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Legal interpreting thoughts

Being an interpreter isn’t typically an adrenaline-junkie career choice.

For the majority of interpreters, our assignments are certainly business-critical to our clients, but they’re not usually on a level with jumping out of a plane.

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Let the light in

Sometimes, an event’s location is fixed because of numbers or logistics. Most of my interpreting assignments take place in windowless, airless rooms under artificial light.

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Appearance matters

I hesitated about posting this. It’s controversial, but it’s something I feel, in my profession at least, is an important topic.

Is it for Linkedin? I’m not sure.

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