Remote interpreting is a hot topic.

The AIIC’s recent study into remote interpreting has produced a lot of food for thought.

As ever, I can only contribute my own experience.

I posted about my experience of using Interprefy recently. Although I’ve always been keen to embrace technology and developments in our industry, one area I always felt needed attention was how on-the-day issues would be handled when working remotely.

I found out while using their service that Interprefy has a team of over 40 technicians whose job it is to train and support the interpreters using their tool.

Every interpreter has to go through a thorough training programming before working on the platform (I found it excellent.) Then, during the event, I had a technician assigned to me who was available to answer any questions I had almost instantly. They also offered constant encouragement and thanked us for the great job – always welcome on any job!

This really reassured me and made me feel that it truly is a viable alternative to in-person interpreting…so what impact does that have on my career?

I’ll share my answers in my next post!

In the meantime – have you used remote interpreting technology yet?