The need for flawless, high quality translation and interpreting services is always a top priority no matter what sector you work in.

A poor translation can result in severe financial losses, sometimes totalling millions of pounds.
The services of professional translators and interpreters are crucial to every international deal.

Which is why, at One Stop Language Solutions, we work with industry-specific translation teams with a background in your specific sectors. Our translators are not only native speakers of the target language, but also experts in finance, marketing, medicine, pharma, banking, energy or environment.

Rest assured, you’ll always receive fast, accurate, premium translations you can trust.

We can help you with:

Financial document translations and interpreting services

for the world’s largest asset management firms.

Legal document translations and legal interpreting services

for law firms and corporate legal departments, including (but not limited to) simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for arbitration hearings, global dispute resolutions and litigation.

Marketing translations, media document translations and interpreting services

including simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for press conferences and media events.

Medical translation services and medical interpreting

for healthcare, pharma and medical start-up companies.

European Works Council meetings.

Translation and interpreting services for EWCs - take tension off the table and work with our experienced EWC interpreting team.

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