I hesitated about posting this. It’s controversial, but it’s something I feel, in my profession at least, is an important topic.

Is it for Linkedin? I’m not sure.

I’ve written in the past about my inability to dress down. Even when I work from home on assignments, I dress smartly.

I guess it’s something I associate with being “at work”.

When I’m interpreting onsite for a client, I always ensure I’m well-dressed and, because it’s a habit I’ve gained over the years, this means making sure my hair, makeup and nails are appropriate.

I don’t feel for one moment that every interpreter (male or female) should do the same as me. Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, and whether that skin is made up or beautifully barefaced is a personal issue – not to mention their right to decide.

What I’m referring to instead is the importance of being well presented, dressing appropriately for the event (no board shorts in the boardroom, boys) and with organised stationery, accessories and relevant notes.

Not because of any potential judgment from others.

But because a calm, unruffled, organised appearance will reassure the client and give them confidence in their interpreter’s ability to help them achieve the best possible outcome.

What are your thoughts?