What is Whispered Interpreting?

In whispered interpreting, the interpreter will stand or sit close to usually two speakers, who are also close to each other.

The interpreter will whisper to their client in the target language whatever the speaker is saying simultaneously. When it is the client’s turn to speak, the interpreter will take notes and, once finished, will convey the message to the audience consecutively.

Its delivery is a hybrid of simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting, but on a much more intimate scale and without the use of technology.

Whispered interpreting is also referred to by its French name of ‘chuchotage’.

When Should I use Whispered Interpreting?

Whispered interpreting is often the most appropriate business translation service for business settings including:
Meetings of a small group
Government meetings
Bilateral meetings
Business negotiations
Board of Directors’ meetings
Site visits or walking meetings
Meetings of a confidential or sensitive nature

Is Whispered Interpreting the Best Choice for my Event?

The main benefit of whispered interpreting is that it requires no special equipment and the message can be conveyed in the target language in real-time.

It is a more informal and cost-effective form of interpretation and is most appropriately used when just one or two delegates require interpretation from one language to another.

Whispered interpreting is a more informal model of interpreting and only works in specific, often more intimate situations, as the interpreters’ voice may disturb the other participants.

Whispered interpreting is not suitable for larger groups or when there are multiple target languages or multiple delegates requiring translation. For these situations, it may be more suitable to use a consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting model.

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