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When it comes to professional Italian interpreters, we’re the first choice for organisations including the UN and the EU, the Italian Government and Italian Chamber of Commerce, and many Italian businesses. We’ve even worked for two Popes!

What is English to Italian, Italian to English Interpreting?

English to Italian and Italian to English interpretation is one of our areas of specialty, and we can provide interpreting services and certified translations in both language pairs.

It’s also our founder Luciana Scrofani Green’s first love. Luciana, an elite-level interpreter and translator, personally oversees every project and will tailor the service to your company’s needs.

We provide simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting services for conferences, business meetings, virtual hearings and arbitrations, business negotiations and more.

We also offer certified translations in both language pairs for legal documentation including contracts; mergers and takeovers; birth, marriage and death certificates; medical and criminal records; and proof of citizenship to name a few.

Ask us for a quote and we could soon be building a bridge for your business between Italy and the UK, ensuring language is never a barrier for business growth.

Your first choice, whatever the Italian job

How Can an Italian-English-Italian Interpreter Help my Company Grow?

Across the public, legal, medical, manufacturing and services sectors, we can help you with anything from a business breakfast to a multi-country product launch, a meet-and-greet or a high-stakes negotiation.

If you need to interpret simultaneously at a European Works Council meeting – no problem.

How about consecutively interpreting for your business meeting or legal deposition?

We can easily meet your English-to-Italian and Italian-to-English requirements at conferences, exhibitions, workshops, trade fairs, factory tours and training seminars.

Whether your business is big or small, we can handle all those scenarios and more. That’s the case even if you require specialist translation or interpreting for law, pharma, IT, manufacturing or finance.

How Can I Find a Qualified English or Italian Interpreter?

Well, our founder has been doing just this for more than 20 years!

Luciana Scrofani Green has decades of experience as a qualified conference interpreter and certified translator. Interpreting from Italian to English is her first love, and every project receives extra special care and attention especially from her.

We use only Italian mother-tongue bilingual interpreters, all of whom are hand-picked and highly skilled with world-class experience. They all adhere to our strict confidentiality policy.

At One Stop Language Solutions, all projects come with Luciana Scrofani Green’s personal guarantee. If you’d like to use Luciana’s personal services as an interpreter and translator, you may wish to read about our sister company, Italian Interpreter.

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