All About Acoustics

No, I’m not suddenly branching out into a music career.

I’m talking about the importance of acoustics when choosing a space to host EWC meetings.

Until I started interpreting regularly at EWCs, I didn’t realise the task of hosting these meetings.

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Organisation is Vital

Organisation is vital when you are involved in EWCs.

In my last post, I talked about the benefits of having regular interpreters for each language combination.

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Trust & Repeat Hire

I’ve been interpreting at European Works Councils for the best part of a decade.

In case you’re not aware, the European Works Council (EWC) is a cross border employees’ representation body for social dialogue and communication with management in multination companies.

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All About Accent

A standard part of my preparations for jobs is deciding whether a pre-session meeting is necessary.

Often it isn’t, but sometimes, it’s key to the success of the assignment.

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I Was “Only” The Interpreter

At face value, that’s quite a demoralising sentence, but seen in context, it was a compliment.

At a recent assignment, I was interpreting for the management team of an investment business.

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Translating Press Releases – The Importance of Promptness

We all know how temporary news is – in fact, in today’s social media society, news is even more transient than ever.

At OSLS we translate a lot of press releases. The one thing that my communications clients value over anything else is promptness. A 24 hour turnaround is vital in our whirlwind world.

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