We all know how temporary news is – in fact, in today’s social media society, news is even more transient than ever.

At OSLS we translate a lot of press releases. The one thing that my communications clients value over anything else is promptness. A 24 hour turnaround is vital in our whirlwind world.

Before writing this post, I looked through my emails from several communications agencies I work with: “urgent” was the word I saw most often in the email chains!

Here are my two top tips for communications agencies who frequently require translations of their press releases:

1. Make sure the timeline for final delivery is clearly communicated to you.

2. Ensure you provide any and all reference material at the beginning of the process.

That way, everyone has clear and realistic expectations and time isn’t wasted on waiting for replies to queries. Follow these tips and your important news item won’t be out of date before it’s even online.

Do you work with press releases?