Have you heard about the European Commission’s plan to update the European Works Councils Directive? It’s a big step forward for social dialogue in the EU!

The proposed changes are all about giving workers in multinational companies equal rights, making consultations more effective, and promoting gender balance.

Here’s a summary of the proposed changes:

  • Giving equal rights to workers of multinational companies operating in the EU/EEA to request the creation of a new European Works Council (EWC)
  • Clarifying the definition of transnational
  • Ensuring that workers in multinational companies are consulted in a timely and meaningful way on issues concerning them
  • Making sure EWCs have the necessary capacity to do their work
  • Strengthening gender balance
  • Improving access to legal remedies

So, what happens next?

Well, the Commission’s proposal is up for discussion with the European Parliament and Member States. Then, Member States get a year to incorporate the Directive into national law. The new rules will take effect two years after that.

During this two-year period, parties are free to adapt their EWC agreements to meet the revised requirements. This is amazing news for workers’ rights in the EU! It’s a step towards a more equitable and inclusive work environment.

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