Teamwork comes with the territory of being an interpreter. Whether I’m working for clients directly or on behalf of a language company, collaboration is crucial.

Everyone needs to be aware of their role and responsibilities, so that the best outcome is achieved for the client.

But in order for a team of interpreters to function optimally, a leader is always required.

Having a single point of contact, to coordinate who interprets when, to work out logistics and liaise with the client makes the difference between an event running smoothly, and an event falling flat.

In addition, your team leader can be the liaison you need, making sure that interpreters’ travel goes smoothly and emergencies are diffused before they even occur!

When you organise your next event, think about your ideal running of the day, then appoint a team leader and share this vision with them. They’ll appreciate the direction and you’ll have someone focused on realising it.

You interpreters and your attendees will certainly thank you!