I say terminology, you say…

No! Don’t fall asleep!

I know, terminology and glossaries probably aren’t the most exciting topics you’ll read about on Linkedin today, but for clients who hold EWCs they are crucial to smooth meetings and desirable outcomes.


Because the better an interpreter’s knowledge of your company and what it does, the greater the chance of a successful meeting.

How do they gain this background knowledge? It’s simple.

In the weeks leading up to a meeting, provide your interpreting team with any relevant presentations, previous agendas or meeting minutes and videos, so they can start to do their research. The result is less time spent on unnecessary explanations.

For example, the interpreter will be able to use acronyms and abbreviations appropriately, safe in the knowledge that the attendees are all familiar with them.

Provided confidentiality allows you to share these materials, this simple step in preparation doesn’t take much time, but the difference it makes to your meetings can be marked.

Does your company have a language all of its own?