Although legal systems differ across the world, we are able to draw upon a plethora of lawyers, tax experts and specialists in everything from harassment to labour rights to help you achieve the clarity required and results desired.

We can be your translation partner for mergers and takeovers, due diligence, legal disputes and much more. And our comprehensive certified translation service covers all types of documents including:

🎓 Academic certificates
💍 Marriage, divorce, birth and death certificates
✈ Identity documents; immigration documents; visas; proof of citizenship
⚖ Police criminal records; court orders; court judgments
💸 Bank statements; family record books; medical reports; reference letters; employment contracts
📜 Will certificates; power of attorney; tax declarations;
✔ Company incorporation certificates; articles of association; patents; declarations of conformity; import and export declarations

In legal matters, there’s no room for error: mistakes can cost your business dearly. That’s why our legal translators are specialists in their fields and in its terminology to ensure its accuracy every time.