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I always like to give an honest account of my life as an interpreter, and I’m conscious that there’s an unsung hero behind every successful interpreting assignment.

The project manager.

As a client, if you’ve been lucky enough to have only experienced smoothly-run events, then it’s unlikely you know who the project manager is!

The thing is – it’s not just luck that they’ve run smoothly!

Project managers are the glue that holds every event together. The best ones are physically present at the event, taking care of everything from dietary requirements of attendees to regular water for interpreters (sound minor but it’s SO important.)

As an interpreter I’ve worked on both sides for agencies and for my direct clients, so I can attest to the work that project managers do backstage͟, and I can appreciate their role when, as an interpreter, I’m on the receiving end of their thoughtful service.

Do you have any unsung heroes or heroines on your team?

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