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First of all, we’d like to clear up the difference between interpreting and translation, as many people get the two confused. And it’s easy to see why: TV, film and media fail to make the distinction on an almost daily basis.

Simply put, a translator works with the written word, whereas interpreters work with the spoken word; usually in person or over the telephone. At One Stop Language Solutions, we offer both translation and interpreting services. Although some people can do both, someone that is good at translating is not necessarily good at interpreting and vice versa, as the skill sets required are very different.
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Translators are often based in one place, whether at their homes or at an external office, while interpreters attend assignments on-site, from courts and workplaces to international events and conferences. If it’s an interpreter you need, remember to factor in travel and accommodation expenses for your event.

Whereas translators deal with written material, interpreters may be working on TV and radio and at conferences, so they also need to be performers and public speakers in their own right. In both instances, of course, the interpreter and translator need to fully understand the subject matter concerned.

So, do you need a translation service or an interpreter?

The first question to ask is what exactly you are looking for. Do you need a written document or email translated? Or are you holding an event where you need an interpreter to work in real time?
Once you’ve established which service you need, you can then contact us for an instant quote. To provide a quote for translation services, we need to know the length of the document, the subject area, the original language, the language it needs to be translated into and the desired deadline. For our interpreting services, let us know whether you need support for an event, telephone conversation or video conference. We also need to know the date and length of your event, the languages involved and the subject matter. It would also help to get an idea of your budget, so that we can be flexible according to your needs.

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This fantastic video TED-Ed by Ewandro Magalhães explains how simultaneous interpreters work.