With the Covid-19 vaccine rolling out at pace, how do businesses feel about hosting in-person events and conferences in the summer, and how do delegates feel about attending them?

Deciding whether to host an in-person event as the world recovers from the pandemic is about corporate responsibility. While virtual events offer a safe, flexible way to gather leads and share or promote content, it doesn’t quite allow for the organic or spontaneous interactions that make in-person events attractive.

Businesses should approach their own events on a case-by-case basis. Whilst smaller masterclasses or roundtables may be better served in-person, we may not be in a position to be hosting thousands of delegates under one roof quite yet even if we want to.

We’ve been helping to manage events for more than 20 years, and our advice right now would be this: be empathetic and flexible. Some delegates may be desperate to attend your event in-person, whilst others may not be able or want to. So where possible, cater for both groups – why not host a smaller event with video conference functionality for remote dial-ins?

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