I was fascinated to read this week that businesses that blog receive 55% more website visitors and 97% more inbound links than those that do not. It made me think about the power of putting ourselves and our thoughts “out there” and how blogging really is a great way to show our customers more about who we are – from our thought processes to our priorities, both professional and personal.

With this in mind, the value of having your blog posts translated into other languages is, to me, so apparent. And it’s certainly not something for which you could rely on for programmes like Google to translate, that is for sure! With translation of thought pieces – which blogs often are – you need to be able to rely on a translator who is so adept in their language that they can convey your meaning, translating idioms and slang text alongside business speak, to ensure that the true intended meaning is not “lost in translation”.

Adding a multilingual blog will widen your target audience, increase your website traffic, and enable you to have new content to add to your SEO rating – when done correctly, Google sees translated content as new content. So, don’t delay! At One Stop Language Solutions we are ready to help with all your translation requirements