June is bringing about a wave of membership renewals, providing an opportunity to strengthen connections and reap the benefits of being part of various organisations. I am happy to renew my memberships with the ICCI, Iapti and the UK Confederation by Confassociazioni (Thank you Laura Croce’ for your great patience)

Amongst these, the ICCI (Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) stands as a prominent platform for fostering business relationships between Italy and the UK. For me, this membership opens doors to a supportive community of professionals and entrepreneurs, facilitating networking opportunities along with providing an often-needed link back to my beloved Italy.

I am grateful to Jasmin Cuppone of the ICCI for going out of her way to offer me introductions to other members, which I am confident will open doors and leading to new opportunities. She epitomises the true meaning of relationship building, and I am excited to develop these business possibilities. The ICCI attracts members from a wide variety of industries, and as such I am looking forward to expanding my work within the automobile, medical and journalism industries.

Joining communities such as Cambridge Wireless (of which I have recently become a member, thank you Patricia Chan for your time; it was lovely meeting you on Teams) and Cambridge Network amplifies the advantages of membership. These organisations serve as hubs for innovation and technological advancements, bringing together experts, researchers and businesses in the dynamic city of Cambridge.

Recently Cambridge Network featured One Stop Language Solutions in their weekly newsletter under the section “Discover our network”. It is great that networks take the time to promote and publicise their members, especially the smaller organisations which could get lost amongst the bigger players. Cambridge Network is proactive and generous in bringing its members together and encouraging collaboration and partnership and I’m delighted to be involved with this organisation.

Memberships offer a range of benefits including access to industry-specific insights, networking events, training programmes and the opportunity to contribute to the collective voice of the community. Through actively engaging and participating in these networks I ensure that I can maximise value, forge strong connections and harness the power of networking for professional success.

Are you a member of any networks and in what ways have you found them beneficial? Are there any you would recommend joining?