Preparing for either of these scenarios can feel like an impossible task, especially when planning date or venue specific activity like conferences and events. So, what do you do if the worst should happen?

1️. Don’t Panic
Don’t make any rash decisions in the heat of the moment. Understand what factors have changed and the impact on your activity.

2. Have a Back-Up Plan (and a Back-Up Back-Up Plan!)
During planning, think on a reasonable and worst-case scenario and develop a laddered contingency plan. For example, if your venue becomes unavailable or your delegates cannot travel, put the infrastructure in place for a secondary presentation method like live-streaming.

3. Keep Your Communication Consistent
To delegates, suppliers and colleagues. Inform them of any sudden changes and reassure them you’ll be back in touch with a revised plan. Knowing you’ve got your finger on the pulse will put everyone’s mind at ease and their full trust in you!

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