At One Stop Language Solutions – The right words at the right time! we are poised and ready for a return to in-person #conferences, and we are feeling positive that this will be the year they can take place again without restrictions.

However, the pandemic has shown how adaptable and flexible humans can be, and we wonder if a hybrid conference structure – with some delegates attending in person and others online – may become the most popular way for organisations to hold their conferences both this year and for the foreseeable future.

Companies including IBM, are starting to announce their hybrid conferences for 2022.

Offering a hybrid structure opens up, literally, a world of delegates to your conference. It also enables more delegates to attend without significant overhead increases.

But what can you do if not all the delegates speak the same language?

This is where One Stop Language Solutions can help.

Conference #interpreting is one of our most requested services and we can provide the most experienced and highest quality interpreters for your forthcoming event.

There are two types of conference interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive. For most conferences, simultaneous interpreting provides the most unintrusive solution and therefore receives the best response from delegates.

Consecutive interpreting is useful for smaller and more intimate occasions, for example one-to-one meetings or a lunch or dinner event.

Offering an interpreter for your conference offers many advantages including:

·      Reaching larger markets

·      Bridging the linguistic barrier between countries

·      Establishing and improving business relationships

·      Communicating in a way that is culturally appropriate

Whichever type of interpreting you might need, talk to us at One Stop Language Solutions.