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Over the summer, I interpreted as part of a recruitment process for a company in the gaming industry.

I initially interviewed several Italian gamers. Four people from this selection were chosen and then, at the end of July, I travelled to Italy to act as a moderator, interviewing the shortlisted candidates and interpreting for the videographer and the company team.

Normally, if I’m interpreting in the recruitment sphere, it takes place in an office or hotel conference space.

So, this was a totally different experience for me!

Throughout the process, I realised how important it was to put the interviewees at ease, so they could concentrate on their responses, rather than being intimidated by the camera.

I spent a lot of time reassuring the candidates and cracking occasional jokes to alleviate the tension. This had the added bonus of breaking the ice between them and the English-speaking crew.

Interpreters, in whatever circumstance they find themselves doing their job, are often responsible for the “vibe” in the room.

Make sure you communicate with your interpreter what you want that vibe to be!

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