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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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Last month, at One Stop Language Solutions, we had a last-minute request for a translation. It was a long document, so the client wanted to split the text in order to hit the (very tight) deadline.

It was an incredibly important document, one which the company had spent many months on.

I had a dilemma.

I knew that the quality of the translation could suffer if the text was split between several translators, but I also knew that time was of the essence to release it.

Why would quality suffer?

Simply put, with such a short deadline, there would be no time to confirm a style guide and strategy for the file, therefore consistency in names, abbreviations, acronyms and terminology could not be guaranteed.

I opted for honesty and upfront advice for the client, citing the reasons above.

Happily, we came to a compromise where a shorter version of the text (which could be handled by a single translator) was translated.

Of course, handling the entire text and splitting between multiple linguists would have been the best business move for One Stop Language Solutions, financially speaking. But I wasn’t prepared to compromise on quality.

Do you have any examples of when you acted in your client’s best interests (and put your own aside)?

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